Andybak's Experimental Builds
Note - I'm maintaining each feature as a separate build as some are probably more viable to merge into the official Open Brush than others (or at least - will be viable sooner).
However - if you want the kitchen sink version with everything included you can download an integration build and test out all the features together
That contains all the features mentioned below. In some cases they might intefere with each other to some degree but I'll fix those issues as soon as I spot them.
(currently I'm not keeping the integration build up to date. I'll do that again soon)
On to the features...

Current Feature Builds

This is basically my other project Polyhydra ( ) smushed together with Tilt Brush. Create a wide range of geometric forms and use them as the basis for complex mirroring of your brush strokes.

​2. Snip Tool​

Splits existing strokes.

​3. Layers​

Organize your sketch into layers that can be turned on or off separately.

​4. Brush Editing​

Edit brushes directly in VR. Change textures, shininess and other parameters