Feature: Brush Editing

Status: Buggy (especially the Quest version) but powerful and worth trying


What does it do?

It's an attempt to provide a runtime UI for Tim Aidley's "User Brushes" feature:


Currently it:

  1. Allows you to create a new user brush by duplicating an built-in brush

  2. It exposes shader parameters as sliders and shows a preview stroke changing in realtime as you adjust the sliders

What's it good for?

Making your own crazy brushes!

How do I install it?

Download a build for your headset from the link above and unzip it. You can run the Windows exe directly. To install the Quest apk use SideQuest: https://uploadvr.com/sideloading-quest-how-to/

How do I use it?

There's a new button on the Experimental Features panel that opens the Brush Editing panel. Select a brush and then click the button to create an editable duplicate. (at the moment you have to scroll to the end of the Brushes panel to select the new brush but this should happen automatically)

Known Issues

Lots. It's an early proof of concept

How do I get help

Come over to the Open Brush Discord and chat to me ( @andybak#5425 ). I'm on UK time (currently UTC+1) but I check in fairly regularly.

Can I see it in action?

I made a quick video showing an early stage example:

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