Using Reference Images on Oculus Quest

Reference Images allow you to view image files inside your Open Brush sketch. This can be useful for getting inspiration while drawing, or to incorporate as media in your sketch.

Reference Images are in version 21.0+ on Oculus Quest.

How to access the Reference Images Panel

The Reference Images Panel can be found on the Labs Panel. The Labs Panel is located in the 'More Options...' section of the Admin Panel in Advanced Mode.

  1. If you are in Beginner Mode, point to the Admin Panel on your menu hand. On the bottom-left is a button to switch to Advanced Mode. Click this.

  2. Once in Advanced Mode, point to the Admin Panel on your menu hand. On the bottom-right is a button that reads, 'More Options...'. Click this.

  3. A popup will appear with a few choices. Click 'Labs'.

  4. The Labs Panel will spin out. Point at it and find the 'Reference Images' button. Click this.

  5. The Reference Images Panel will spin out.

Adding images to your sketch

On the Reference Images Panel, click any thumbnail to load the image. After it loads, click it again to bring it in to your sketch.

Adding more images

To add more images to the Reference Images Panel, you need to connect your Oculus Quest to a PC. Use these steps to learn how to do that.

  1. Once connected to a PC, look for, 'Quest' in Windows Explorer. Click this.

  2. Navigate to '..Quest\Internal shared storage\Open Brush\Media Library\Images\'

  3. Copy image files (.jpg or .png) into this folder.

Supported image files

Images take up video memory inside Open Brush and including too many will cause Open Brush to crash. There are some restrictions on image files.

  1. Only .jpg and .png file types.

  2. Max image file size is 10Mb.

  3. Max image dimension (height and width) is 1024.

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