Lights Panel

Use Lights to modify your scene's primary and secondary lighting colors and positioning.

  • The sun is your primary light, and it casts shadows.

  • The sun is the brighter light.

  • The moon is your secondary light, it doesn’t cast shadows.

  • The fill light floods the scene with an equal distribution of color and light. It's effects are most easily seen in the shadow color of your scene.

  • You can grab and move the sun and moon by selecting with the trigger.

  • You can change the color of all three light sources.

  • The lighting effect is best observed on environments with a ground and object (i.e. pedestal), and in those sketches where there are at least a few strokes.

  • The sphere the lights pivot around can be used as a representation/quick preview for placement of lights in the world.

  • Custom lights save with sketches.

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