Troubleshooting issues with Open Brush

If you are having issues using Open Brush, check out your options below.

Asking Questions and getting help

You can join our Discord or post to our Github Discussions or the Tilt Brush subreddit. At the time of writing Google still hosts the old Tilt Brush Product Forum.

Common issues

Looking for saved files

If you have tried to export or save a file but you donโ€™t see anything in Open Brush, the file has probably saved to your computer. Flip over your painting controller and check the history panel. It will display a list of all of your most recent actions or exports.

Lost artwork

Open Brush makes saves of your work in Documents\Open Brush\Sketches\Autosave. Each new sketch you create will have a separate autosave file, and Open Brush will store autosaves from your last five sketches. If you need to access an autosave, just drag it into the Sketches folder using Windows Explorer - it will have a Open Brush logo as its thumbnail in the Sketchbook.

After I launch Open Brush, a sad Tiltasaurus appears

This means your Head Mounted Display is not detected, and you'll need troubleshoot your HMD. Learn to troubleshoot your HTC Vive or your Oculus Rift.

Pink screen when starting Open Brush

This is commonly an issue with using an out-of-date version of DirectX. Make sure you're on the latest version of DirectX, and that you're running Open Brush on a PC that matches the minimum specs of the VR device you're using.

Open Brush crashing or freezing

Antivirus software can sometimes interfere with Open Brush. Try disabling any AV or Firewall software you're running, and try starting Open Brush again.

If you downloaded Open Brush through Steam, try refreshing the cache by choosing to "Verify Integrity of Game Files..." for Open Brush through the Properties window.

Finding your log files

Every time Open Brush is run, a log file is generated "output_log.txt". That log file can typically be found at: C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\LocalLow\Icosa Foundation\Open Brush

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