Settings Panel

The Settings Panel can be opened from a button on the Admin Panel.

  1. Top row of buttons (Left to right): i. Help: Pops up links to various useful web pages ii. About: Pops up our About page iii. Contribute: Pops up a link giving info on how you can contribute iv. Ruler

  2. Second row of buttons (Left to right): i. Autosimplify ii. Experimental Mode: Toggles Experimental Mode on or off next time you open the app iii. Swap Hands: Swaps the brush between the left and right hands iv. Reset First Use: If you click this then next time you launch Open Brush you will get the short tutorial you saw when you ran it the first time. Also turns off Experimental Mode and switches back to Beginners Mode where most of the tools are hidden.

  3. Pointer Angle: This changes the angle the brush pointer is at. Find a settings you feel comfortable with.

  4. Quality

  5. Simplification

  6. Current Sketch Cost

  7. Super Secret Hidden Buttons: Absolutely nothing happens if you click here.

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