How to help with Testing

One of the biggest bottlenecks that stops us releasing more features more quickly is the lack of people prepared to test features that are either already in the beta version or are ready for merging into the beta version ("pull requests").

Testing the Beta version

The beta version is usually fairly solid but testing is invaluable - especially if you use Open Brush in depth (our testing is often from the perspective of a casual user) or you use a headset other than a Quest 2 (currently we do the bulk of our testing using Quest 2 via Link or standalone. Testing intesively on a wide range of headsets is a major chore). The best way to help test is to switch to using it instead of the normal version of Open Brush and to report any issues you find by posting to our Support Forum on Discord (or if you need to chat before you're confident enough to report a bug, just post in the General channel)

To help you focus on testing the right things you can see a list of changes and new features in the beta version here.

Testing Pull Requests

"Pull Requests" are simply requests to pull in a new feature or bug fix to the main codebase. Once a pull request is approved it's automatically released as part of the current beta version.

Testing new features is a bottleneck for us at the moment We need feedback on the feature itself and help finding bugs that are serious enough for us to fix before merging in to the beta release.

In return you'll get to try out the real cutting edge features first and potentially influence the design choices we make.

On Github there is a list of open pull requests. You can click on any one and then scroll down to the bottom:

Click on any of the blue "details" links and then click "Summary" on the left followed by the number underneath "Artifacts" on the right:

You'll then be taken to the bottom of the page where there is a list of all the builds:

Just click on the name that matches your headset and it will begin to download a zip file.

(You might need to sign-up/sign-in to Github first)

Testing Experimental Builds

Experimental builds are the real bleeding edge. Some of the features might never make it into the official release. They can vary from "nearly ready" all the way to "barely working".

However - early on in the development of a new feature is when feedback is most likely to be useful and most likely to alter the direction a feature takes. These are the builds you want to be testing if you want to have a say in Open Brush development.

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