The Open Brush UI

On your Open Brush panels, you’ll see a number of different options and features. Learn more about them in the pages that follow.

Eraser, Dropper, Re-Color, Camera, Teleport, Selection, Mirror, and Straight Edge are all on the top level of the Tools panel. on the "More..." panel, which is originally below the Tools panel, you can access Environment, Lights, Backdrop, Guides, and Poly Library.

At the bottom of the palette is the Menu panel which opens when you hover over it. In both Beginner and Advanced Mode, this Menu panel contains the Sketchbook, My Profile, Beginner/Advanced Mode, Clear Sketch, Save Sketch, and Upload. When you are in Advanced Mode, the "More Options..." button will also appear within the Menu panel and contains the Tips 'N Tricks, Labs, and Settings.

The Quick Tools Panel

Additionally, you can find the Brush, Dropper, re-color, Selection, Model Pin, and Eraser on the Quick Tools panel.

The Quick Tools panel is accessed:

  • Most devices (eg Quest, Rift, Pico, Vive XR): From the B button if you're right handed (or more generally the secondary button on your painting hand).

  • HTC Vive: From the Menu Button on top of the thumbpad.

  • Windows Mixed Reality: From the Menu button, in between the thumbpad and thumbstick

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