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  • Burst is an LLVM based math-aware backend Compiler Technology. It takes the C# jobs and produces highly-optimized code taking advantage of the particular capabilities of the platform.
  • Burst is primarily designed to work efficiently with the Job system.
  • Burst is working on a subset of .NET that doesn't allow the usage of any managed objects/reference types in your code (class in C#).
  • Supports a subset of C#.

Language Support

Unsupported features:
  • Types:
    • char (this will be supported in a future release)
    • string as this is a managed type
    • decimal
  • Managed arrays: You should use instead a native container, NativeArray<T> for instance.
  • catch
  • try/finally (which will come at some point)
  • foreach as it is requiring try/finally (This should be supported in a future version)
  • Storing to static fields except via Shared Static
  • Any methods related to managed objects (e.g string methods...etc.)