Current Beta Release Notes

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šŸš€ Features

  • Remove almost all uses of Experimental Mode, and combine Monoscopic into the main releases (PR #674 by @andybak)

  • Skip intro tutorial on Zapbox (PR #681 by @mikeskydev)

  • Allow generation of sphere with gesture on mobile (PR #678 by @mikeskydev)

  • Update lots of shaders to singlepass (PR #677 by @mikeskydev)

  • Preview spheres for 360 images (PR #687 by @andybak)

  • Pagination for layers UI (PR #698 by @andybak)

  • Folder navigation UI (PR #689 by @andybak)

  • Import/export improvements (PR #573 by @andybak)

  • Passthrough Hull Brush (PR #613 by @andybak)

  • UnityGLTF Shader Variants (PR #714 by @andybak)

  • Add Pico support to the generic OpenXR build (PR #719 by @mikeskydev)


  • Fix Advanced Tools panel initial position (PR #697 by @andybak)

  • Damn panel spacing (PR #702 by @andybak)

šŸ› Fixes

  • Fix broken multimirror options popup. Hide Tiltosaurus button as it dā€¦ (PR #680 by @andybak)

  • Workaround for PCVR depth submission (PR #685 by @mikeskydev)

  • De-initialize XR Subsytems properly (PR #695 by @andybak)

  • Background image preview sphere labels (PR #700 by @andybak)

  • Fix stereo pano sphere preview (PR #701 by @andybak)

  • Enable file system watcher on mobile (PR #704 by @andybak)

  • UnityGltf import is meant to default to off (PR #707 by @andybak)

  • Fix issue where transparent brushes were invisible in Quest passthrough mode. (PR #715 by @andybak)

šŸ› ļø Infrastructure

  • Add Mac OS Monoscopic build to Steam (PR #669 by @mikeage)

  • Always specify --age-group for Oculus (PR #670 by @mikeage)

  • Update pre-commit, fix two pylint warnings (PR #671 by @mikeage)

  • Update GeneratedThirdPartyNotices.txt and make sure it stays in sync (PR #673 by @mikeage)

  • Fix automatic changelog page in the docs; update to the new (as of Jan 26th) path (PR #675 by @mikeage)

  • Merge the contents of the release-history directory instead of overwriting (PR #676 by @mikeage)

  • Minor formatting improvements (PR #682 by @andybak)

  • Release Linux Viewer/Standalone on Steam and Github (PR #683 by @mikeage)

  • Fix github release (typo in directory name) (PR #684 by @mikeage)

  • MacOS: sign all bundles, rather than listing them explicitly (PR #706 by @mikeage)

  • Add a section in the changelog for UI/UX PRs (PR #703 by @mikeage)

  • Add support for a [xCI BUILD DEV] (without the x) to build Development builds (PR #712 by @mikeage)

  • Fix artifact upload of development builds (PR #713 by @mikeage)

  • Update the (very rarely used) Unity License Test action (PR #718 by @mikeage)

šŸ“¦ Dependencies / Maintenance

  • Bump rexml from 3.2.6 to 3.2.8 (PR #717 by @dependabot[bot])

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