Open Brush comes with a wide selection of brushes and there are even more if you switch on Experimental Mode. But be warned that the experimental brushes can be more problemmatic if you need to export to other apps. See the docs on the Unity Toolkit/SDK and on Exporting for more information. We plan to move many of the experimental brushes into normal mode when we're satisfied that they work everywhere the regular brushes work.

Customizing Brushes

There are currently three ways to add and modify brushes:

  1. This requires you to learn your way around Unity a little bit: Brushes created this way won't export to other apps correctly without manual shader editing. Using them in other Unity projects via the Unity SDK is possible but requires manual editing of the Unity shaders and materials.

  2. Tim Aidley has created a feature that allows editing of brushes via config files:

  3. Developed on top of Tim's work is a work-in-progress feature that allows editing brushes directly in VR. However it's experimental, doesn't currently work on the native Quest version of Open Brush and has had only a very small amount of testing so far:

This last method will eventually be the recommended method moving forwards and we hope to fully support these custom brushes in the Unity SDK and for exporting..

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