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Feature: Sculpting

Status: Experimental. Saved sketches are incompatible with official builds


What does it do?

Allows you to modify brush stroke meshes like digital clay

How do I install it?

Download a build for your headset from the link above and unzip it. You can run the Windows exe directly. To install the Quest apk use SideQuest:

How do I use it?

Switch to advanced mode and use the new sculpting tool on any brush strokes. Works best on hull brushes.

Known Issues

WARNING - Saved files are currently incompatible with official builds of Open Brush. Don't save over any sketches you want to open in other builds.

How do I get help

Come over to the Open Brush Discord: and chat to me @andybak).
I'm on UK time but I check in fairly regularly.

Can I see it in action?