v2.1 Hotfix

2.1 is a bugfixes only release. We're looking forward to bringing new features to Open Brush soon!


  1. Enable WMR default controller profile.

  2. Fix saving after deleting a layer.

  3. Fix swapping camera modes when using a Vive controller.

  4. Smoother scrolling on Vive controller touchpads.

  5. Fix advanced tools panel overlapping other panels.

Known Issues:

  1. Sometimes Open Brush fails to launch depending on the specific combinations of user's HMD, controller Type, and OpenXR runtime. We're working on methods to smooth over and resolve these issues, apologies if you're experiencing them! Please get in touch with us so we can help debug your setup.

  2. Can't swap controller handedness by tapping together.

The following issues are pending a bug being fixed in Unity, which we found and reported.

  1. Controller issues with HP Reverb G2.

  2. Difficult to dismiss panels by throwing them away.

  3. Deadzone on WMR controller thumbsticks is too sensitive.

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