Exporting to Snapchat Lens Studio

Tilt Brush → Blender → Snap Lens Studio

NOTE: Not all Tilt Brush brushes will export (e.g. particle brushes) The most reliable are the flat brushes and the Wire brush. Also, this process might not be compatible with Tilt Brush on the Quest as the export function works differently than the Rift.

Tilt Brush to Blender:

"Export": {
   "ExportBinaryFbx": true,
   "ExportFbxVersion": "FBX201400"
  • Within Tilt Brush (in VR):

    • Swipe to the Tools panel

    • Select "More Options..." > Labs > Export.

    • An .fbx file, brush texture, and geometry will be saved to your desktop computer’s Documents/Tilt Brush/Exports folder.

  • For most optimization, consider taking the exported .PNGs and processing them thru https://tinypng.com/ to compress them even more.

In Blender

This helps merge vertices that are close together, and saves on polys

  • On the MESH subtab, go to Clean-up > Decimate Geometry

  • Export the FBX

Blender to Snap Lens Studio:

  • Import the decimated FBX model from Blender

  • Rename Materials, (ex: from “13981290382_Marker” to “Marker”)

  • Drag and drop the TinyPNG optimized imgs into the Lens Studio > Resources > Textures folder

  • In the Resources > [ 3D Model Name ] folder > Materials, select the Material.

  • In the Inspector for the Material:

    • For the Blend Mode, select anything other than “Disabled” — I preferred Normal or Alpha to Coverage

    • For the Vertex Color dropdown, select “Base Color”

    • For the Base Texture, check to enable, add the Tilt Brush texture here

      Docs contributed by Estella Tse. Additional thanks to Jose Andres Rosero

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