Check out Labs features

To try out newer features, you can open up the Labs panel. Here you will find some of the latest additions to Open Brush.

(If you're really interested in cutting edge features then you might also want to look at installing alternate or experimental builds.)

Accessing the Labs panel

  1. Make sure you are in Advanced Mode.

  2. Below your palette, go to the Menu panel and select "More Options...".

  3. On your paint palette, swipe to the Tools panel and select More.

  4. Select Labs.

Labs Features:

Display YouTube Chat whilst streaming (PC Only)

Play Tiltasaurus with your friends (PC Only)

Tiltasaurus is a virtual reality game where your friends can guess what you're drawing in Open Brush. To play Tiltasaurus:

  1. In Open Brush, make sure you are in Advanced Mode.

  2. Go to the Menu panel (below your palette) and select "More Options..." > Labs > Tiltasaurus.

  3. The player wearing the headset will see a card with a word or phrase to draw.

  4. The player who is not wearing the headset will see a category displayed on the computer desktop, but will not see the word or phrase on the card.

  5. As the player in the headset begins to draw, the player looking at the desktop can guess the word or phrase.

  6. Once they guess correctly, you can switch and start again. Clear the current drawing and get a new word or phrase by hitting Refresh on the card.

  7. Adding Tiltasaurus.json to the Documents/Open Brush folder will let you add your own list of words.

Add a reference image or 3D model

See Importing Images, Videos or 3D Models

Use the "Pin" tool

(docs coming)

Export your sketch as a 3d object

See the section on Exporting

Switch the desktop view to a spectator camera

(docs coming)

Run scripts

See the section on Scripting Open Brush

Use grid or angle snapping

See the section on Snapping

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