Installing the Beta Release

This build is the pre-release version of Open Brush and may contain untested new features.

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Important note

You can opt in to the beta via Oculus or Steam, or you can download a separate beta version via

Remember, these pre-release builds are labelled beta for a reason, and some features may contain bugs. Make sure to back up your important sketches before proceeding!

Opting in to the beta via Steam

  1. Right Click on Open Brush in your Steam Library and choose "Properties"

2. Choose "Betas" on the left, and in the dropdown, select whether you want to opt into the beta or experimental mode version. You can also return to the normal release version by choosing "None"

  1. Wait for Open Brush to update.

Opting in to the beta via the Oculus Store

  1. Either use the Oculus App on your PC or go to the Meta Store page for either the Quest version or Rift version (if you're using PC VR)

  1. Or find Open Brush in the mobile app:

  1. Choose "Beta". (Or you can switch back to "LIVE" if you want to go back to the normal release version. Note: If LIVE has a lower release number than Beta, you'll need to uninstall Open Brush first before downloading the LIVE version again.)

  2. Wait for Open Brush to update.

Download from

We also host some beta versions on our page.

Download Directly from Github

If you can't find a version to suit your platform anywhere else then this page on Github has the latest beta build for all the platforms we support.

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