Open Brush Beta Docs

Important note

You can opt in to the beta via Oculus or Steam and you can download a separate beta version via
We haven't officially announced the availability of the beta due to the known issues below. We feel these are annoying to enough users that we want to resolve these before we encourage people to try out the beta.

Opting in to the beta via Steam

  1. 1.
    Right Click on Open Brush in your Steam Library and choose "Properties"
2. Choose "Betas" on the left and then select whether you want the normal or experimental mode version. You can also return to the normal release version by choosing "None"
3. Wait for Open Brush to update.

Opting in to the beta via the Oculus Store

1. Either use the Oculus App on your PC or go to the AppLab Store page (google "Open Brush Quest" or "Open Brush Rift" depending on whether you want the PC or native Quest version):
2. Or find Open Brush in the mobile app:
3. Choose "Beta". (Or you can switch back to "LIVE" if you want to go back to the normal release version. Note: If LIVE has a lower release number than Beta, you'll need to uninstall Open Brush first before downloading the LIVE version again.)
4.Wait for Open Brush to update.

New Features

There are no new features in the beta right now as they all were merged into the v1.0 release
We've got v1.1 currently in progress. Features planned for this include layer support and the ability to selectively cut and delete parts of existing strokes. This should be available as a beta release in the next few weeks.