Pre-release, Alternate, and Experimental Builds

Pre-release Builds

Whenever any new change is added to Open Brush, before it's released to the various stores and sites, there is an engineering "pre-release" version available. If you'd like to help beta test new versions, you can get these builds as soon as the new code is added (generally within 20 minutes!). Windows (SteamVR) and Quest/Quest 2 versions are built automatically which you can get from the Github releases page. Versions of the form "vX.Y.0" are official releases, whereas versions that do not end in .0 are made available for testing purposes only, with no guarantees as to their quality.
These builds share a save location with the official Open Brush release, but can be installed alongside the formal version. The Oculus build, like all sideloaded content, will be listed in "Unknown Sources", and will have the word "Github" appended to the name (with a different package name as well) to differentiate it from the official release). These builds are available for both the "regular" build and the "experimental" features described below.

Main Experimental Build

Whilst Open Brush was still Tilt Brush, the original team had a bunch of features and brushes they felt weren't quite ready to be released in the official app. As soon as Tilt Brush was made open source, everyone immediately leapt on these features with great excitement.
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Andybak's Experimental Builds (Open Brush)

From procedural geometry to a scripting API as well as more prosaic features such as grid snapping and improvements to model import. Some are fully functioning and some are just a proof of concept that needs more work. One highlight is an extension of work begun by CaptainXap - one of the original Tilt Brush team - to add the ability for users to create their own brush variants without ever leaving VR.
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XR Framework Experimental Build (Open Brush)

The original VR framework in Unity is deprecated and all new apps are built using the Unity XR Plugin framework. We intend to switch to this going forward and we need to to support newer Oculus features and other headsets such as the Vive Focus.
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Multibrush (Tilt Brush fork)

Sadly no longer being developed (as far as we can tell) and not open source - this is the same as the Main Experimental Build but with two cool extra features:
1. Post-processing effects that change the appearance of your entire scene. 2. Multiuser support: multiple people can paint at the same time and use voice chat in realtime.
On the other hand, Multibrush was released based on the official Tilt Brush release and does not include most of the features that have since been added to Open Brush!
(Note we want to support multiuser in the official Open Brush release in a way that fits well with our open source approuch. Get in touch if you'd like to help in any way)
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Silk Brush (Tilt Brush Fork)

Tilt Brush. Running in a browser!
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